Super Fantasy Rumble Video Review


super fantasy rumbleSuper Fantasy Rumble is a tactical skirmish card game with a puzzle-like Battle mechanic. Your goal is to lead your randomly drawn Rumble Fighters to eliminate all your Opponent’s Rumble Fighters. The Rumble Fighters and art style is inspired by 80s Saturday Morning Cartoons and video games that we all love.

Players receives six Rumble Fighters – two powerful leaders and four warriors via draft or random draw. Each Rumble Fighter has a health value, an attack value, a defense value, special abilities, and varied Action Points that indicate which directions they can attack and defend.

Each Player places six Rumble Fighters onto a four-by-four grid and then uses your turns doing movements and attacks. Each turn, you have three movements to move your Rumble Fighters into the best position to attack: Dash, Castle, and Slide. When you Dash, you move a single character to an adjacent space. When you Castle, you can exchange two of your adjacent fighters. When you slide, you can move an entire row or column of fighter in either direction.

Positioning is the main component of the game. How can I position my Rumble Fighters in the best possible way to eliminate all my Opponent’s fighter and win the game?

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