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Travis B: “Keep up the great work! I’ll donate when I can. I picked up AEG’s Infinite City on your show’s recommendation and played it for the first time over the holiday weekend. We had a really good time with the game. Thanks!

Günter & Kristel D’Hoogh: “We donated to the show because we appreciate the effort the people from “Board to Death” are doing to bring all those good games out there to people from all ages who like to socialize with a good game rather than spending time before a screen without talking to one another. Being already older gamers my wife and I like the video reviews because they tell about the games we want in our growing collection and they certainly help us to make the right choices.”

Armagan Tuzcuoglu: “Having well spoken lines, skillful written scripts, professional looking shots, high quality visuals and audio, your reviews are compact and fluid, objective and satisfying and also both detailed and fun. They clearly show the effort and time you put in them. I have watched all your videos regardless of my game taste, and must say, your work is amongs the top that can be found on the net and deserve much more attention. I use your site both for information and enjoyment. I am happy to see my support appreciated”

Ray Smith: “Donating to BtD was my thank you for providing exactly what I want in game info: 1. An overview of the components, 2. Set-up instructions, 3. Sample play of a turn, 4. Reviewer opinions, 5. Clear and excellent video and sound quality, And maybe most importantly, 6. A cast of characters I enjoy viewing. A detailed but concise and fun overview I will continue to follow intently.”
J. O’Halloran: “I appreciate the work that goes into making all of the reviews. They are quick, informative, well produced and the crew is enthusiastic.
They give me a chance to investigate games that I haven’t heard of, or that I wouldn’t have normally considered buying.
Also, my friends are particular. So by forwarding quick video reviews to them, i can gauge whether a game would be played enough to justify buying :) Thank you.”

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