The Spoils TCG Video Review


spoils card gameThe Spoils, a card game first released in 2006 by Tenacious Games, taps into other card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Magi-Nation for some of its gameplay mechanisms, but the game is uniquely its own. You start the game with a figurehead or faction card in play that determines how you begin your turn and which actions you are allowed to take. These factions have special abilities, unique to each faction card.
Players need to amass resource cards in order to play characters, tactics, items and locations, with each of these card types often having subtypes. Players may drop any card from their hand face down as a resource, but cards dropped in this manner will not count as having any resource icons – and you need those to play cards. The resource icons come in the form of five trades, which are:

Banker (Greed icon)
Rogue (Deception icon)
Warlord (Rage icon)
Gearsmith (Elitism icon)
Arcanist (Obsession icon)

As of 20th January 2009, the company Arcane Tinmen have purchased the rights to The Spoils, and have hired several members of Tenacious Games to resume production.
Arcane Tinmen recently announced via the official Spoils website, that the first new set of cards since reviving the game will be Seed II: Gloamspike’s Revenge. They’ll be unveiled at GenCon 2010 and available to gamers soon after.
Seed III: Fall of Marmothoa was released July 2012. Seed III: Fall of Marmothoa concludes the Seed storyline. Shade of the Devoured Emperor was released at GenCon 2013 and started the next block, Unlikely Heroes. With announcement that the set after Shade of the Devoured Emperor, Holy Heist, is already being developed.

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