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Vasco Da Gama: The search for a viable route to India was, since the mid-15th Century, the main goal of almost all expeditions made by the Portuguese Kingdom.
In 1488 Bartolomeu Dias rounded the Cape of Good Hope and Pedro da Covilha found a land route, but it was only in 1498 that Vasco da Gama reached the goal and became the first
European to reach, after some stops along the way, the legendary Calicut by sea. Vasco da Gama accomplished something exceptional, granting Portugal the possibility to achieve a monopoly on the spice trade between India and Europe. Vasco da Gama was charged with finding a maritime route to India.

What’s Cool:

  • Nice production quality.
  • Innovative turn sequences mechanic.
  • Balanced game, everyone is always in the race.
  • Many ways of winning victory points.
  • Easy to follow¬† rule book.

What’s Not:

  • Long Setup for rounds.

User Ratings:

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