Zombie Mosh Board Game Video Review

SITE DESCRIPTION: “The deep base of the band, the flash of the lights…and the impact of your fellow undead, moshing and thrashing about in the pit…what could be better! In Zombie mosh you strive to be the last zombie standing at the end of each song. As you flail about the limbs start flying…and start flying off! Lose too many limbs and you are out…at least until the next song. The danger doesn’t just come from your fellow players of course…there is a whole pit full of Zombies, and they are more than happy to flail into the players at full speed. Each round you much choose between defending yourself from the other moshers…or going for blood by trying to take them out first. With space for up to six players, Zombie Mosh makes are great party game. Finish a full game in 15 minutes…then put your Zombies together again to dive into a fresh pit!”

SIDE A: Every character has the same hit points for each body part.

SIDE B: Every character has different hit points for each body part (You might have 4 on your left leg while the player to your right might have only 2 on his left leg)

What’s Cool:

  • 2 sided player boards. (Regular & Advanced)
  • Great for 6 players.
  • Anyone can play, easy to teach.
  • Awesome theme and concept.
  • Some strategy and luck elements combined.

What’s Not:

  • Not very fun when playing with 3 players.
  • Cards are a little confusing to look at while playing. (Upside Down, etc)

Neutral Information:

  • Heavy metal CD not included :)

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